Cerberus set to serve Monday

I live in Old Colorado City and every morning on my drive to work for months I’ve passed the unfinished Cerberus Brewing Company and have patiently awaited its opening. Lucky for me, my good friends Jacquie and Allan, owners of Radiantly Raw Chocolate, were kind enough to invite me as their plus one to the friends and family soft opening of the brewery last week. I kid you not, it was one of the best nights of my life. Aside from the fact that I was in a great mood from celebrating the five year anniversary of Distillery 291 – thanks for the great time, guys! – I had been dying for this place to open and was so happy when I got the opportunity for a sneak peak.

The opening of this brewery has been one of the most anticipated openings in Colorado Springs for quite some time and I’m happy to report I left Cerberus with a full belly and a solid buzz. I don’t want to give too much away as starting Monday you can experience this phenomenal brewery for yourself, but I’ll give you a sample via photos. The grand opening should be in a few weeks, but stop in during the soft opening to sample their amazing beer and food (my favorite beer was the Triplici Belgium Tripel).


My biggest piece of advice for when you finally visit this place? GO HUNGRY. Seriously. Invite enough friends that you can sample the entire menu. Don’t eat lunch that day. Hydrate. Be ready. And don’t be surprised if you see me there.


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