The final outdoor happy hour of the fall

Happy hour on a patio. What’s better than soaking up some sun while sipping a margarita after a long day at the office? Maybe if the whole office thing hadn’t happened that would be better, but minor detail. We can’t have it all.

This fall has been exceptionally warm, but good things can’t last forever, so mom and I decided to make one final outdoor happy hour stop at Crystal Park Cantina in Manitou Springs. This is one of those places that seems as if it gets overlooked because it isn’t on the main drag, but it’s worth venturing out of the tourist area in Manitou.

We started our mommy-daughter happy hour with chips and salsa and we each got a margarita. I got the house La Cantina Margarita and mom got the Fighting Sue which is basically the same as the La Cantina but with beer in it. Both were just OK. The fresh, housemade mix did make a difference in the taste, but I wasn’t hugely impressed.


Free salsa!


La Cantina Margarita


Fighting Sue Margarita

Fighting Sue Margarita

After getting our margaritas, we ordered the Cantina Chicken Wings and eventually, two more margaritas. This time, mom got a skinny margarita and I ordered the mango missi – a margarita with fresh mango puree. We both agreed – our second choices were much better. I especially liked that my mango margarita had the sweetness of the fruit BUT it was still sour so I didn’t feel like I was drinking sugar.


Skinny Margarita

Mango Missi

Mango Missi

The chicken wings were yummy but sticky. They had a ancho honey pecan glaze that gave them a sweetness, but they still had a spicy kick.



Cantina Chicken Wings


They were super sticky!

My only regret of this entire happy hour was not tasting the jalapeno cilantro margarita or the habanero margarita. I’m on the prowl for a great jalapeno margarita in the Springs and I have a feeling I’ll find it here.

Happy Hour at Crystal Park Cantina is every day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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