I gave Mission Coffee Roasters baristas a mission…

…and they fulfilled it. I asked the Mission Coffee Roasters baristas to make me something with skim milk and that’s sugar free. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Typical high-maintenance, lowest calorie possible order. But I didn’t just work out at the studio to negate it by drinking whole milk đŸ˜‰ The result as I drove to work?


A super yummy low-cal french vanilla latte (or was it a cappuccino? I can’t remember). Sometimes a regular coffee doesn’t do it for me.

The baristas at Mission Coffee Roasters were surprisingly upbeat and fun for fulfilling an early morning order. They seemed very sincere in making sure I enjoyed the concoction they handed off to me. I didn’t grab any of the pastries that were displayed but they looked delicious.



I also debated grabbing a bag or two of coffee to go with me but decided I had enough at home.


The place was super cute. I don’t spend much time up north or in the Interquest area, but if I did I’d definitely stop by again.


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