Masterpiece Delicatessen is a master of salads

The Highlands area is by far my favorite placeto go in the Mile High City. When I head to Denver, that’s usually my spot, and this time I was in LoHi for Pure Barre training with the Colorado Springs Pure Barre team. Between the many hours of tucking and pulsing we had to eat lunch, and one of the owners who used to live in Denver suggested our team head to Masterpiece Delicatessen.

As soon as we got there it was apparent that this girl knew her restaurants. It was packed with people enjoying the nice weather plus the place smelled like somewhere I wanted to eat. I ended up ordering the arugula salad with chicken. It had blue cheese, apples, candied walnuts and onions and it was out of this world. Plus the portions were huge! When you’ve been working out for hours and still can’t finish a salad because it is too much food, that’s a real big portion. The menu had regular sandwiches that looked pretty tasty, as well as quite a few breakfast sandwich options. I think what made the restaurant really stand out was the emphasis on fresh ingredients and making sure the customer got something customized to their wants.

The arugula salad with chicken from Masterpiece Deli.

The arugula salad with chicken from Masterpiece Deli.

The view that came from sitting outside at Master Deli wasn’t too rough either.

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