Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt – because why eat ice cream?


Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt was the best meal I ate the entire time I was in Seattle last spring. Unfortunately, the only way to get a taste is at the Pike Place Market location or to order it online, but if you’re in Seattle or don’t mind paying a high price for shipping, order the Marionberry Pie flavor. It’s pure bliss.

Enthusiasm is key ingredient at Urban Steam

urban steam pizza 2

I attended Radiantly Raw’s online ordering launch party in early December at Urban Steam and was impressed with the venue’s great atmosphere, enthusiastic owner and surprisingly delicious cracker crust pizza. Urban Steam is a coffee/whiskey/brunch bar and it doesn’t disappoint. It has a HUGE whiskey list and a small food menu, but the real star, according to owner and customers alike, is the coffee.

OK so maybe TECHNICALLY Blue Sushi is a chain…

blue sushi

Blue Sushi Sake Grill wasn’t my first choice when a group of us were picking a spot for dinner in downtown Denver, but I was very pleased with my meal and since then my love of sushi has really grown. The happy hour prices at Blue Sushi make the visit affordable and the Hawaiian Roll is the best sushi roll I’ve ate. Ever.

An easy breakfast at Over Easy

tuscan benedict OE

Over Easy is one of the best spots in Colorado Springs for breakfast or brunch. Their food is fresh, ingredients local and menu items are creative. Typically there’s been two hour waits, but with a second location open at University Village, the wait times have cut down a bit. Even with an hour wait, it’s worth it!

El Rialto Restaurant & Lounge: Home to my Favorite Tacos!

el rialto chicharrone tacos

El Rialto Restaurant in Las Vegas, New Mexico is home to some of the best tacos in New Mexico. Although I only get to visit about twice a year, I anticipate ordering the chicharrones tacos and a side of guacamole year round. The taco shells are fried in house as you order and the chicharrones are crunchy but still somehow melt in your mouth.

There’s a 100 percent chance you’ll love Fifty Fifty Coffee House


Fifty Fifty Coffee House is an eclectic coffee shop located downtown, off of Institute and Boulder Streets. This business really says LOCAL by using coffee roasted next door at Switchback Coffee Roasters and by serving locally made pastries such as lemon blueberry thyme poptarts. My favorite drink to order is their honey latte, which may be sweet, but still has a dark-roasted coffee taste.

The Cupcake Doctor has a cure for your sweet tooth


Some people say the cupcake fad is over, but stores like The Cupcake Doctor and it’s mobile service, The Springs Cupcake Truck, prove that’s not the case. The Springs Cupcake Truck is known to sell out within a couple hours of parking somewhere in town, and The Cupcake Doctor’s creative cupcake concoctions keep customers coming back for more. My favorites treats to soothe my sweet tooth? The doctor prescribed me carrot cake and lemon, and they were the cure!

Colorado Mountain Brewery: More than a beer stop


Colorado Mountain Brewery may be known for it’s house brews on tap, but the real stars of the restaurant are some of the side and dessert courses. The brussel sprouts are tender and flavorful, the bread pudding is gooey and sweet and most menu items in general are consistently very good. It’s a great casual option whether you’re on the north or south side of town, since there are two locations in the Springs.

Mead St. Station in Denver Switches Up What’s Between the Bread


Several weeks ago I spent the afternoon on 32nd Avenue in Denver and met up with my friend Kristen for some girl talk and lunch. We decided to grab a bite to eat at Mead St. Station because of the extensive sandwich menu and reasonable drink prices. Their Pear Melt with brie and havarti cheeses – which I consider to be an adult grilled cheese – was the right mix of toasty, fruity and melty.