Support The Springs: Let’s Hear Their Stories

Photo courtesy of REN Creativ

Photo courtesy of REN Creativ

It’s been a hard week. Devastating really. For restaurant owners, servers, bartenders, and a lot of businesses that depend on the hospitality industry to keep them afloat (think anyone in the event industry, vendors, hell – even the media). And right now the community is banding together to support each other in so many ways (I see you Support the Springs), but we are in the first days of this 30-day restriction, and this is a marathon, not a sprint. Today, everyone is ordering take-out and checking on their industry friends. But what about next week? Or three weeks from now?

Many business owners put everything on the line to open. And in an effort to keep the take-out momentum going, I want to share their stories: the happy, the heartbreaking, the hopeful. Over the next month, I’ll be using Springs Native to not only help you connect with local restaurants and businesses who need support, but to remind you why it is so important to have these businesses in Colorado Springs. They need us right now, but we need them all the time.

Carry Out to Carry On

Remember to stay safe, but do your best to support your favorite establishments during this difficult time. Order take-out or delivery, and tip as if you dined in. Share photos or their social media pages, and tell others about your experience! If you’re not sure which spots are open, Support the Springs will launch in the next 48 hours and will be an incredible resource for open restaurants, activities to stay happy and healthy at home, and how you can volunteer to keep Colorado Springs STRONG.

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