Till Kitchen. But In Your Own Kitchen.

I love Till Kitchen. I really do. The farm-to-table concept makes fresh, delicious food and amazing cocktails, but as a Westside resident and self-proclaimed downtown dweller, it can feel like a drive to Kansas to get to the restaurant off Powers and Briargate. Worth the drive? Totally. Reasonable during the busy workweek? Not always. Cue Tillivery, Till Kitchen’s meal delivery service that delivers prepared meals to your home for as little as $50.

I’m sure I already sound like a commercial, but that’s only because I’m super pumped about it. I’m a single woman working multiple jobs and making a real dinner that doesn’t involve white rice or breakfast for dinner can be a real pain in the ass when you don’t get home until 8 p.m. most nights. I’ve tried other meal delivery services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, and while I had good experiences, I still was stuck cooking a full meal. Tillivery meals are fully prepared – all you do is follow the reheat instructions and in about 20-30 minutes, you’re eating an amazing, Till-quality dinner.

Here’s how it works. You hop online and begin to peruse the menu. You have the option to pick a pre-selected box which includes a salad, soup, a couple entrees, and bread (there are vegan/gluten free options available), or you can pick a la carte items. Everything is packaged to easily reheat which I appreciate (less dishes!).  If you choose a la carte items, it must be at least $49.99 to place an order. After you pick your meal items, you choose delivery or pick up (pick up is available at Till Kitchen and Garden of the Gods Gourmet), and your food arrives on your designated delivery day. SO EASY.

I received my first order and it was THE BOMB.

I chose a pre-selected box and it included watermelon gazpacho, pear and gouda salad, a small sourdough boule, vegetable curry and carne asada tacos. The soup was enough for two large bowls, the salad could be two large salads or four side salads, and each entree was at least two servings. The tacos actually were more like three meals if you’re adding any sides! FOR $50! In my opinion, that is such a steal. When you consider the added convenience of no grocery shopping, cooking, or cleanup, it’s way worth it.

The watermelon gazpacho was sweet but really delicious. I drank mine from the bowl instead of using a spoon because I was impatient. The sourdough is outstanding and a perfect addition to turn the soup from a starter to a meal. I’m a sucker for sourdough, and I wished they’d sent a large boule instead.

I loved the carne asada tacos and especially loved that they came with the condiments so I didn’t have to rummage through my (mostly) empty refrigerator. The sauce kept the meat moist after reheating, and a quick toast on my cast iron made the tortillas perfect.

The real star of this delivery was actually the item that I was least excited about. The vegetable curry was perfectly seasoned and not too saucy, and the vegetables were cooked but crispy. Any veggies sitting in a sauce can become too soggy, but this dish stayed crisp even after a couple days in my refrigerator. Once I added a piece of naan on the side, it was the perfect portion for a couple lunches.

Tillivery was kind enough to offer Springs Native readers an AMAZING discount. If it’s your first time ordering with Tillivery, get $45 off your FIRST order with the code  FIRSTSpringsNative45 . There is a different discount code for your first order on their website, but the Springs Native discount code gives you an extra $15 off bringing your first order to cost just $5. FOR ALL OF THAT FOOD.

There are some important facts to know when ordering from Tillivery.

• If you are having your meals delivered, you will get a special Tillivery cooler that you’ll put on your porch on your designated delivery day. You MUST have this cooler if you’re using the delivery service, and it is a $60 deposit, however it is refundable if/when you cancel the service.  This is to ensure that the food stays safe after delivery and before you take it inside. Understandable.

• There is a four delivery (not consecutive deliveries, just four overall) commitment for all customers upon sign up as part of Tillivery’s simple terms and conditions. This seems like a commitment but really if you know you’ll order at least four times at some point, it’s not a crazy commitment. This would be great even once a month, just to keep things sane during busy weeks.

• You can skip a week(s) if you’re going to be out of town or know you won’t be able to eat the food that week.

• If you have food restrictions, for the most part, you’re covered. Tillivery offers gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, and all ingredients are listed on every package so you know what you’re eating. There are also kid-friendly options on the menu if your little ones are picky.

Tillivery saved me time, was absolutely delicious and was so affordable. I received more food than other meal boxes I’ve tried, and it was not only from a local restaurant, but cost less money, AND it was already prepared. Worth it.

If you use my promo code, I will receive a referral credit. Thanks for your support of Springs Native.

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