There’s a 100 percent chance you’ll love Fifty Fifty Coffee House

The weather these past few months has been warmer than usual – at least I think so. I can’t remember a winter when I didn’t have to scrape my car at least once a week, and since October I’ve maybe scraped my windshield from frost three times total. This morning Mother Nature decided to repay me for the nice weather – my car was frozen shut. AWESOME. And once I got the doors to actually open, the ice on my windshield was too thick to scrape – I had to sit in my car for about 10 minutes while my windshield defrosted. The entire time all I could think about was how badly I wanted a delicious honey latte from Fifty Fifty Coffee House!

fifty fifty coffee house honey latte

Honey Latte

Fifty Fifty Coffee House is a small, eclectic shop located in a downtown neighborhood at the corner of Institute and East Boulder Streets. It offers coffee roasted next door at SwitchBack Coffee Roasters which I think is a great way for one local business to support another. Plus, SwitchBack has some great roasts. I really love the funky vibe of the sitting area and the couches look like a spot I could curl up with a good book.

fifty fifty coffee house bar seating

Barista counter and bar seating area

fifty fifty coffee house front sitting area

Front seating area with couches and tables

Don’t get me wrong, this place has a fun atmosphere, but the highlight is more so the coffee drinks than the actual sitting space. The honey latte is my absolute favorite. It’s sweet enough to make the drink feel frilly, but strong enough that it isn’t like drinking hot cocoa. I don’t like when my coffee tastes like dessert and this place really nails it on the head in terms of making sure the coffee drinks actually taste like coffee. They also have a menu of locally made pastries that rotate. The poptarts always look like heaven and their muffins have fun flavors. Pumpkin chai spice muffins sound perfect!

fifty fifty coffee house poptarts

Blueberry, lemon and thyme poptarts

fifty fifty coffee house pumpkin chai muffins

Pumpkin Chai Muffins

Along with the pastries there are other food items to order like breakfast sandwiches, burritos and bagels. Many items on the menu or sweet treats for sale are vegan or gluten free which is awesome and convenient for people with special diets.

Maybe it’s not snowy but it is cold, so if you’re feeling gloomy then head to Fifty Fifty and let them warm you up with a drink!

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