Eight months of starvation! Just kidding…

The past year has been one change after another for me when it comes to my personal and work life. And although I have continued to explore the Colorado Springs restaurant scene, unfortunately Springs Native had to take a backseat.

There is good news though – despite what the weather is doing this weekend, summertime is coming up! AKA it’s the season to eat and drink on the patio, which is pretty much a sport for me. Give me some bottomless mimosas and a chair in the sun, and we’re in business. This means there will be lots of pictures, reviews and posts coming your way! Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite eats from the past couple months.

Keep in mind some great food happenings this upcoming week as well:

April 30
Grand Opening Celebration – Horseshoe Donuts

May 1
Taste of Old Colorado City

May 2
Small Business Week Food Truck Kick-Off

May 3
Taco Tuesday – La’au’s Taco Shop

May 5
Samoas Cookie Stout Release – Fossil Craft Beer Company

Cinco de Mayo Celebration – Jorge’s O.C.C.

May 6
Murder by Chocolate Murder Mystery – Cacao Chemistry

May 7
Grand Opening Celebration – Sun Mountain Cafe

Cider Maker’s TapRoom Opening Celebration – Colorado Common Hard Cider
Read more about Colorado Common from Focus on the Beer.

As always, if you have any hidden gems or upcoming events, be sure to send them in.



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    Gearing up for the summer eating season! And, they say my Instagram feed is filled with food porn. I’m pretty sure Randy and I grabbed a meal at Nosh. It was good! Looking forward to seeing your culinary adventures this year.

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