New Features, New Partnerships, Same Fun

I’ve been pretty absent from writing actual blog posts for the past year or so. And I have zero excuses. Except that at least I’ve stayed super active on my Instagram account so no one would miss any new menus or restaurants in the area.

Despite the lack of posts, I’ve been working on some cool partnerships and ideas for Springs Native. As much as I love writing about the food and drink community in Colorado Springs, I do think there’s a space for more of the Colorado Springs lifestyle to be put on display. There are so many fitness centers, clothing boutiques, hair and nail salons, massage studios, hiking trails, and events that I love and that I want to share with everyone. It’s so important to celebrate the local businesses that make Colorado Springs such a wonderful place to be and a place that people want to stay.

This month I’m partnering with My Colorado Springs to give away TWO tickets to their upcoming For The Love of COS party at Ivywild! Be on the lookout on Insta for how to win and get in on the fun. I’ll also have a guest post on their website to talk about one of my absolute favorite bars in Colorado Springs, so head that way in the next couple of weeks to learn about one of the best kept secret places to cozy up with wine and cheese.

As always, I love your feedback, suggestions and ideas. I want to showcase the best places there are, and that means having my readers tell me where they love to go.

Send me your suggestions by commenting below, or if you’re interested in partnering, email me at


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