Unexpected Eats at The Ute & Yeti

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m not super into rock climbing. And by that I mean I don’t rock climb. So I had yet to grab a bite to eat at The Ute & Yeti, located inside CityROCK, the downtown rock climbing gym. But that doesn’t mean I hadn’t heard of them before. They’re known for having awesome food with a great selection of gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, along with a killer beer list.

I grabbed my friend Sam and we decided to sample some of the menu favorites a couple weeks ago. We left full and impressed after way too many courses of (mostly) healthy but tasty food.

We started off with the lettuce cups, filled with garlic-ginger chicken and mango-jalapeno slaw and topped with slivered almonds. They were OUTSTANDING. Light, healthy, and so delicious. They were a great snack or lunch option – especially for those looking for a GF option that varies from a salad.

Next we tasted the kale, quinoa and white bean soup, filled with kale and served with multi-grain tortilla chips. It was filling and flavorful, but still managed to be GF and vegan! You could totally order this as a meal – maybe with a side salad, or dessert 😉

The Ute & Yeti has a few really unique and delicious salad options, and I definitely was loving the Winter Warmer salad. A bed of spinach, loaded with sweet potatoes, cranberries, almonds, quinoa, gorgonzola, and apples, and topped with a sweet onion vinaigrette, it was filling and SO indulgent, but still light. It was a nice sweet salad, so definitely order if you’re wanting something less savory.

Obviously you can’t take me anywhere that has some form of pizza on the menu and think I won’t order it. I WILL ALWAYS ORDER PIZZA. They have a few flatbread pizza options – two vegetarian, two not vegetarian – and all four sounded amazing. The meaty flatbread (LOL to the name of it) was topped with San marzano tomato sauce, salami, bacon, pepperoni, red pepper, onion, and provolone. It was crispy, and filling, and flavorful! I am not someone who orders a meat covered pizza, but I really loved this and with a beer or glass of wine, would be super happy.

Last but not least, we shared a piece of P-Nut Butta Pie, which was both vegan and GF. I’m just going to let a photo of the pie speak for itself.

Ute & Yeti PB Pie

The Ute & Yeti was the perfect casual, healthy (or not healthy if you choose) spot for an easy meal. Whether you’re wanting to fuel up after a climb, or just pop in for a quick bite, I’d definitely fit them into my regular rotation of lunch spots.

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