Searching for the spiciest Spicy Chai

When it comes to anything chai, I don’t mess around. Almost every coffee shop offers chai in a variety of forms – chai tea, chai latte and my favorite, spicy chai. The perfect cup is spicy enough that your throat tingles for a few seconds afterward, but still calm enough that you want to drink a second. or third. or fourth. Ok I like warm drinks in the winter.

Yesterday I needed to get some work done and working from my actual house is never productive, so I decided to walk to Jives Coffee Lounge for a few hours.


The coffee bar area


The sitting area

I’ve tried the spicy chai at almost every coffee house I’ve been to Jives definitely  takes the blue ribbon. It consistently is perfect. I’ve yet to have a bad spicy chai there.


The PERFECT spicy chai.

Jives is a cute place to grab a bagel and get some work done.


There’s free wi-fi and they now have a location off Nevada. I frequent the OCC location, but I’m sure the new lounge is just as charming. They also have a stage and microphone for live music. I haven’t attended any shows yet, but it seems like a relaxed spot to cozy up and sit around for a while.

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